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BG Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner Set 4 pieces


The set contains the following 4 products:


DPF and diesel cleaner (3.7 liters)

  • Reliably dissolves and removes the fuel system, diesel particulate filter and air intake system

  • For professional use by a qualified technician in conjunction with the BG 12Q VIA Cleaning Device

  • This cleaning agent is only suitable for diesel fuels

Engine System Cleaner Quick Clean 109 (325 ml)

  • Maintains the power and function of your engine by quickly and effectively removing deposits in the oil and lubrication circuit on the piston rings and hydraulic tappets

Diesel engine oil additive DOC 112 (325 ml)

  • Prevents deposits in the lubrication circuit

  • Preventively add with each oil change

  • Remains over the entire duration of the replacement interval in the engine

  • Special emergency running features protect the entire engine mechanics and reduce fuel consumption

  • One can is sufficient for up to 6 liters of oil

  • For use in diesel engines

  • Specially developed for engines with particle filter

Diesel fuel additive and cleaner 244K (325 ml)

  • Quickly and reliably cleans the fuel system, injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers

  • Specially developed for diesel engines

Container: box (3x 325 ml) / canister (3.7 liters)